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WE WERE BORN THIS WAY, BABY's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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The great return. [17 Sep 2010|06:54pm]

Good evening, morning, or afternoon. I apologize for my great absence. I've been spending the past few months going through pregnancy, child birth, and being a mother to my now three-month-old son. All is well, but as you could imagine, life was busy and undergoing many changes. However, I would now like to resume my icon and banner making. I had no idea I would be so missed after only having this journal for a short while and only creating nine entries. I had over three hundred messages and went from 52 friends to a 194 friends after I finally decided to check up on this place. So here I am again!

Many icons will be headed your way in the future.
Thanks for sticking around and being faithful, fellow monsters. <3

( Lyssa )

P.S. What was your favorite outfit of Lord Gaga during this years VMAs?
I must admit, I was wild over her meat dress. In the good way. ♥
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oo9. promo pics, paparazzi stills, candids, & much more. ♥ [02 Dec 2009|06:55pm]

42 iconsCollapse )
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oo8. glastonbury festival, gossip girl, maxim, on the record, paparazzi, poker face, & more. [26 Nov 2009|01:15pm]

46 icons / 5 bannersCollapse )
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oo7. bad romance, the fame monster, flare magazine, etc. [22 Nov 2009|10:31am]

16 icons / 1 bannerCollapse )
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[21 Nov 2009|09:13am]

wow, it has been awhile. I'll have a TON of new icons coming your way to make up for it. thanks for being patient!

je veux ton amour
et je veux ta revanche

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oo6. misc promo & nobuyoshi araki shoot [19 Oct 2009|02:04pm]

12 icons / 1 bannerCollapse )
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oo5. more photoshoots & poker face stills [15 Oct 2009|02:36pm]

24 icons / 5 bannersCollapse )

photoshoots by: aaron fallon, adrian sidney, kane skennar, ollie & capaldi, and warwick saint. +3 poker face stills.
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oo4. randoms from photoshoots [06 Oct 2009|01:18am]
(sorry for such a small post, i've been busy!)

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oo3. bcg charity / much music awards [29 Sep 2009|05:39pm]
[ mood | cold ]

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oo2. candids in london [27 Sep 2009|11:36pm]

30 icons / 2 bannersCollapse )
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oo1. just for fun [26 Sep 2009|09:25pm]
as a result of boredom, I give you 12 different color logos: fuchsia, pink, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, aqua, cyan, blue, purple, & black!

comment if you're taking any. :)
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[26 Sep 2009|08:16pm]
all you need to know is here!Collapse )
the effectsCollapse )
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